It's a difficult thing for many and despite that, we collectively make the choice to be vulnerable on a daily basis. From small things such as opening up about your day to your coworker - to larger things such as confessing your love to someone. In my opinion, reaching out to a companion is one of the larger instances of vulnerability.

I am deeply touched and grateful when I receive the inquiries that I do from all types of people. To send screening information is no small task! I do not take this lightly.  I think we all make calculated risks in this wonderful world, and choosing to be vulnerable with me will forever be valued and respected. It shows me that you care about my safety, my business and want to ease any worries I may have. It also shows that you equally respect how vulnerable I am with you.

In my attempts to convey my dedication to our mutual pleasure and this lifestyle, I made the decision to invest in photoshoots, learn how to style a website, go to great lengths to protect your sensitive information and now - starting a blog to share another piece of myself. I’ve never felt more alive than I do now. It is thanks to many of you who see me, engage in virtual arrangements and even gift me! When I decided to open myself up to all of the good in this world is when I realized how amazing life can be!


I felt this topic was fitting for my first post. Vulnerability is something I have struggled with immensely in the past so I am so glad to be able to share myself with all of you in these ways. I hope you all can appreciate my little ramblings and gain a deeper look into what makes!

Being vulnerable unlocks a world of if you needed a sign to take the plunge, this is it!